Wok of Fame – Brampton

Had to blog quickly about this restaurant that now I’ve been to twice. Once for lunch with a friend when it just opened and once recently with 12+ people on a Saturday evening for supper. Reason I’m blogging is that I can’t understand the over-critical reviewers on the various sites that have given this Mandarin-competition a bad review and would even dare to say that the Mandarin is better.

Wok Of Fame on Urbanspoon

Decor – First, decor is much better than Mandarin, lots of space around food, beautiful chandeliers, nicely laid out food, etc.
Service – I’ve never been impressed with Mandarin’s service. Having said that Wok of Fame is probably on par with Mandarin.
Food – Now if you want to compare every dish and see if one has more selection than the other, maybe Mandarin nudges out Wok of Fame only by popular numbers. As far as freshness and quality and variety, there’s no comparison! Sushi has lots of variety and sashimi for supper (Mandarin doesn’t even have real sushi ever). Teppanyaki and Wok stations are great! Steak, fish, seafood, vegetables (probably 4-5 types of mushrooms), very Mongolian Grill style food. Salad Bar, Hot Food Bar and Dessert Bar are all equal if not better than Mandarin.

Again, I don’t want anyone to stay away unnecessarily from this new offering in Brampton. Bramptonians don’t have much choice and shouldn’t complain because they don’t have to go to Toronto or Mississauga to find something comparable. It’s a little pricey but for the sushi and teppanyaki and Mongolian Grill, that’s almost three restaurants right there. To boot, all “cold” non-alcoholic drinks are included. They’ve added now a $1 charge for coffee and tea (assortment as well).

Try it, you’ll like it!


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3 Responses to Wok of Fame – Brampton

  1. paulmartin1945@hotmail.com says:

    The decor looks like it was designed by a committee. There is no underlying theme. A lot of money was wasted trying to impress people with poor taste in design. The food in the Live Cooking section is bland. The sushi is inferior to that of the local AYCE restaurants such as Hockey and 168 Sushi. The rest of the food is inferior to that of the Mandarin. The pricing was outrageous. I was there twice and have no desire to return. On the other hand, I did notice some customers with stars in their eyes who were wowed by the joint. To each their own.

    • Paul says:

      If you are a fan of Chinese buffets, there is another large buffet currently under construction at Shoppers World just north of Wok Of Fame. I have no idea when The Imperial Buffet will open, but it will open this year. Lovers of Chinese food will soon have another option in southern Brampton.

    • paulrdmartin1945@hotmail.com says:

      It looks as if I put my email adress in the wrong line. Could you kindly correct my mistake?

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